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Nurture Awareness and the Wellbeing Class


This training has tow areas of focus. The morning session will provide the opportunity to raise awareness regarding a nurturing approach and practices, followed by an afternoon session raising awareness regarding Wellbeing provision.


We will look at a basic overview of the theory behind a nurturing approach as well as discuss the six principles of nurture that underpin nurture groups and can be embedded across the whole school ethos.

During the Wellbeing provision session we will look at the referal process, entry criteria, discuss how the school and Wellbeing provision work in partnership as well as timelines of the placement.


An opportunity to reflect and improve on our current understanding of how a nurturing approach can impact on emotional health and wellbeing. In addition an opportunity to develop understanding of the purpose, referal process and entry criteria for access to Wellbeing provision placements as well as improving understanding regarding how this provision can impact on Emotional Health and Wellbeing.


Whole school teaching staff including Teachers, TA's, SMT and headteachers.

10 Oct 2019 09:00 - 15:30

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Communication, Achievement & Wellbeing (CAW) Specialist Support Teams/Timau Cymorth Arbenigol Cyfathrebu,Cyflawniad a Lles (CCL)
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Date and Time

10 Oct 2019 09:00 - 15:30


Severn Primary School (2319 / Training Room), Severn Road, Canton, Cardiff, CF11 9DZ


Hannah Jones
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